Saturday, September 23, 2006

Quilt for Rob

This is what I was working on today. My long-suffering husband has watched me make many, many quilts over the years and has occasionally bemoaned the fact that I've never made one for him. I usually remind him that he has half ownership of all of my quilts, but he seems less than satisfied with that explanation.

Two days ago, I realised that his 40th birthday was looming far sooner than I had reckoned (I'm sure someone is stealing days and weeks from me, and if you know who they are, I'D LIKE THEM BACK). The big day is coming up next Friday the 29th September. So I figured I had today only to get a quilt made for him.

I had an idea in the back of my mind, and had even taken some photographs to work from - so it wasn't too hard to get started. The quilt is based on these pics which I took in his garage, of cylinder heads and engine blocks (Rob is an engine reconditioner, racecar builder and general rev-head). I used a variation of my positive/negative fused applique technique, with three colours instead of two, to create the design. A chequerboard border completed the design.

I will quilt it one day this week, and with Mum's help get it bound and ready to give him on Sunday when we have a family celebration. Why do I leave these things until the last minute???? Posted by Picasa


Hedgehog said...

Amazing how quickly you're working! Looks like a fun quilt!

Lisa Walton said...

What a wonderfully happy quilt - Rob will love it

Anonymous said...

It's mad Nic. Love it.


Darcie said...

I LOVE IT NIC!!! He is going to be blown away! Recognizable and yet so whimsical!

I'm in a household of two motorheads myself...hubby and son. And I've had an idea as well to do something with their "spare parts" for a quilt!

Love the fabrics too! Lisa's?

Micki said...

This is a cool piece for your hubby. I love the colors you chose.

Vicki said...

Wow - you are fast! It's a very clever design and I love the layout. I'm sure your DH will also love having a quilt of his own!