Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inner Landscape

This piece is called "Inner Landscape" and is constructed of a hand-felted wool/silk piece hand stitched with perl cotton to a painted canvas. It was fun to do something completely different, not even involving a sewing machine.

I have been working on so many new things lately, in part working towards an appointment I had today with a director of a local gallery It went very well and I am going to be part of an exhibition there later this year, along with my friend Janine Matthews. We are both feeling very chuffed, in particular because it feels like we are making some small inroads to the mainstream art world.

I am off tomorrow to Mittagong to the DUQ Indulgence Festival where I'll be attending a class with Susan Mathews, which I'm really looking forward to. Posted by Picasa


West End Scout Group Reunion 2006 said...

Congratulations on this piece. It really resonates with me. Something about the colour contrasts, the focus, the movement and yet the inner stillness. It is simply beautiful.

You will still be attached to it and not ready to let go of it, but if you ever consider selling it, let me know. Veronicah

Intuitive Textile Journeys said...

Well I meant that comment to come up from Intuitive Textile Journeys. Veronicah

Susan said...

That is really different and interesting. I think it's partly putting it against the painted backdrop. It's a blending of things I wouldn't expect to blend. I like the texture of the fabric part and the texture of the painted part. Interesting. I like art that makes me think and ponder.

I hope you had a great day at your festival!

Darcie said...

Ooh, Nic! That's gorgeous. I am feeling a sense of passion as I drool over it. Very lovely.

Elle said...

I don't know what's cooler--the felted central piece or that lava-esque background fabric!