Thursday, September 28, 2006

Constant Companion

I've been very stressed and emotional today, so I hope you'll forgive me for posting cute puppy photos (I normally don't like to). This is my poodle x puppy Ruby, one of my two dogs who are my constant companions.

When I first began working from home full-time two and a half years ago, I found it quite lonely and isolating to spend the majority of my time alone. At that time I had only one dog, Bonnie, who was happy that I was around but as she is old and sleeps quite a lot, she was not all that great company.

Six months ago we adopted Ruby, who rapidly became part of the family and endeared herself to us all with her goofy antics and abundant enthusiasm. She is a little dog with an enormous personality, who has made up for her character flaws (which include questionable toilet habits and a taste for underwear) by loving us to distraction and making us laugh.

Ruby has not been herself for the last few days, and today we found out why. The vet found that she had an intestinal blockage, and did surgery to remove a large section of her bowel along with a sizeable wad of undigested underpants. She is still in the animal hospital, and while we are hopeful that she will pull through, it is still uncertain as to whether she will make a full recovery.

Ruby was supposed to be my daughter's pet, but this crisis has shown who her real owner is - and that's me. I am amazed at how attached I have become to this annoying little nuisance who has driven me crazy for months by refusing to be properly toilet trained and chewing up (and apparently swallowing) anything she is able to get hold of.

I can only hope that she'll make it through the night & be back to her old self in short order. There's a space in heart where she belongs. Who knew??? Posted by Picasa


sue b said...

Oh it's so hard when they are sick isn't it? When one of my dogs is not well, my world comes to a screeching halt. Mine are my constant companions all day too so I know how you feel. I hope she makes a full recovery and is back home soon.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed Nic. I can't imagine life without the girls. Here's hoping for a swift recovery.


Darcie said...

What a picture of innocent mischief! "What? Me?" So sorry about Ruby's health concerns. Hope she'll be back with you soon.

Caitlin said...

Oh, sweetie, good thoughts for you and Ruby! When Constance J Woodle came into our lives, I had no idea there was a poodle shaped hole in my heart ... she filled it. Bestest hopes for speedy recovery!

Karin said...

Sending best wishes for you two. One feels so helpless when pets are sick. Hope she´ll be fine again soon.

Susan said...

And Ruby looks like a lovely companion. I hope she's well again soon.

mereth said...

Poor little Ruby.I hope she gets better, but will she have learned her lesson I wonder? I doubt she'll make the connection between the ingesting of knickers and the pain in her tummy. And my son's mini fox terrier who wouldn't be house trained has finally managed to be trustworthy after...oh, 6 years? There's hope for Ruby.