Friday, September 28, 2007

New Work

Only got time for a quick post tonight - it's Rob's birthday tomorrow and we're heading out for dinner soon. But I thought I'd give you a peek at my newest art quilt. I've just finished machining the facing on & still have to hand-stitch it down, but it's finished enough for a photo.

This one is a strange hybrid cross between a painting and a wholecloth quilt, and sort of qualifies as both. Not sure how it will be received, but I'm happy with it. Haven't settled on a name yet - any suggestions?
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A box of dreams

Today's pic is of a special project I made over the past few days for my sis, who is going through some stuff at the moment. I wanted to make something special to let her know I understood, so I made this little box of dreams - it is a place to put her hopes and hide her fears, to keep her dreams and contain her heart (whole or broken).

It is constructed of Lutradur painted with shimmery pink & orange, hand stitched over bamboo structure with variegated perle thread and lined with watercolour paper (painted and printed with words of power). I made a tassle and added a bead closure, and embroidered rainbows, kisses and hearts.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My love affair with ink

Here are some of my drawings from the past couple of weeks. As you can see, we have been working with ink and wash. I've been having an absolute blast - I adore this medium. It is linear and fluid at the same time, and so much can be done with it. I've drawn lots of these bones and skulls in drawing classes over the years, but this one (above) is my favourite - never thought I'd enjoy it so much!

Briony, also in ink and wash.

Christine - a 10 minute study in ink with a stick instead of a pen or brush.

Another 10 minute study of Christine, with a stick again but also wash added (with my fingers!).

Friday, September 14, 2007

New Work

More of what I've been up to lately - this is the second quilt in my Touchstone series. I've used some precious fabrics which I purchased in Houston (almost 2 years ago, can you believe it?) - they've been waiting for the perfect design. This is a class sample for workshops planned for next year. I haven't quilted it yet, but I am absolutely in love with this quilt right now!! Do you like it?
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Good Day...

I know I've been slack & let the A-Z thing go - apologies for that, but life just did its usual thing & got in the way. So, to get back on the (blogging) horse I thought I should just bite the bullet & skip to today - which happened to be a pretty good day.

We got down & dirty in Sculpture class this morning, attacking our blocks of plaster with chisel & mallet - it was hard work, but fun.

And this afternoon, I finally finished an edition in printmaking that I'm really happy with. I love this screen print (wish I'd done more prints - bugger). And even better, I've now completed all the required components of the course, and can spend the remaining time working on whatever I wish.

I plan to revisit etching, as I was less than thrilled with the imagery I used in that part of the course. And I may even do another screenprint at the same time - printmaking class always has lots of waiting time, so there's scope to work on two projects at once.

More soon (I promise!!!).