Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A box of dreams

Today's pic is of a special project I made over the past few days for my sis, who is going through some stuff at the moment. I wanted to make something special to let her know I understood, so I made this little box of dreams - it is a place to put her hopes and hide her fears, to keep her dreams and contain her heart (whole or broken).

It is constructed of Lutradur painted with shimmery pink & orange, hand stitched over bamboo structure with variegated perle thread and lined with watercolour paper (painted and printed with words of power). I made a tassle and added a bead closure, and embroidered rainbows, kisses and hearts.
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Nikki said...

Your box is beautiful. I am really enjoying your use of pink and red. I'm sure your sister will find this a special gift that reminds her how much she is loved.