Thursday, July 26, 2007

My productive week...

I've had another great week at art school - I really feel like I'm achieving so much and I'm so excited by the progress I can see in my work. We have moved into portraiture in our Life Drawing class - here is this week's drawing of our model Damian.

On Tuesday afternoons I've joined a General Drawing class. This week we all met down at the boat harbour for some outdoor sketching. It was a gorgeous mild afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyably to sit in the sun and draw. Sorry about the blurry photo!

Today in Sculpture I finished this construction piece. It's such fun to arrange and re-arrange found objects and recycled junk into a cohesive composition.

I made a start on my next piece, but it needs more work. Three hours in the sculpture studio just FLIES past!!

And just cause it's been a while since I showed you anything remotely quilty, here's a shot of my worktable where I've laid out the fabric ready to start on a new quilt. I've got a scrummy selection of Lisa's hand-dyes, a hand-painted overlay (I used a new product I can't think of the name of - it's similar to Lutradur, but slightly finer - and painted it with shimmery Setacolour paints) and some strips of fabric which I stamped yesterday with a carved-by-me rubber stamp.

I'll have to keep you in suspense from here on in - I won't be able to show you this quilt till later this year. But don't all the makings look delicious together?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to School (Hurrah!!!)

We all went back to school today - the kids to their respective schools, and me to art school. I'm celebrating on both counts - thank goodness the kids are out of my hair & their days are occupied and thank goodness for art school - I've missed it for the past month.

Here is a selection of the days work - I've completed my Colour & Design course, so have joined a General Drawing class on Tuesday afternoons (thus the guitars, etc). In Life Drawing we have moved into Portraiture - today our subject was a gorgeous young 2nd year called Kim who was lovely to draw.

I particularly like this quick and energetic sketch of the stuffed crow from the art school props storeroom - the drawing only took a few minutes when I was warming up at the beginning of the lesson, but I'm really quite happy with it. I think I'll dedicate it to my dear friend Brenda, who loves our feathered friends ;-))))

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Sunday Flies By...

Today was another busy Sunday, had a quiet coffee this morning, painted for a little while, then headed over to Mum's place for lunch. My "Earth Mother" quilt had just arrived back from its travels with the "I Remember Mama" exhibition, and it was time to take it to it's final home. For those who are not familiar, the quilt is a portrait of my late grandmother who was (and continues to be) my biggest inspiration in my life. We still miss her so much, my Mum most of all - she was so not ready to lose Nan. So, this quilt has always been for her - I know she will love it. It now hangs in pride of place in Mum's dining room.

It has been another busy week, but with many distractions with Rob and the kids home on holidays from school and work. I found it hard to settle down and get much work done, but I did finally clean off my desk - I really needed to clear some space to work. See how nice it looks?

I fear it won't stay that way for long.

This week is back to school for the kids as well as me, plus I have two new groups of Contemporary Techniques classes starting - all systems are go!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Squared Up

Lisa gave me a copy of some professional photographs she had taken of our prizewinning collaboration, so I thought I'd pass them on to you. You can get a good look at the quilting in the closeup shots. I used three different threads (a blue/green variegated, a purple, and a gold metallic) to achieve the quilting design, which is all done freehand.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

What a week it was! I'm still recovering from the excitement. Here's me with my Crossroads quilt (note the blue ribbon!!!). Note also the dopey grin - I still haven't wiped it off my face!
This is the centre of my Bluebird of Happiness quilt. Please excuse the bad photography - the shiny material is a bugger to photograph (never mind the questionable skills of the photographer).

And here we are in front of our prizewinning collaboration. You can see some of Lisa's wonderful work, but this doesn't really show up the quilting very well.

More quilt show highlights to come.