Thursday, July 26, 2007

My productive week...

I've had another great week at art school - I really feel like I'm achieving so much and I'm so excited by the progress I can see in my work. We have moved into portraiture in our Life Drawing class - here is this week's drawing of our model Damian.

On Tuesday afternoons I've joined a General Drawing class. This week we all met down at the boat harbour for some outdoor sketching. It was a gorgeous mild afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyably to sit in the sun and draw. Sorry about the blurry photo!

Today in Sculpture I finished this construction piece. It's such fun to arrange and re-arrange found objects and recycled junk into a cohesive composition.

I made a start on my next piece, but it needs more work. Three hours in the sculpture studio just FLIES past!!

And just cause it's been a while since I showed you anything remotely quilty, here's a shot of my worktable where I've laid out the fabric ready to start on a new quilt. I've got a scrummy selection of Lisa's hand-dyes, a hand-painted overlay (I used a new product I can't think of the name of - it's similar to Lutradur, but slightly finer - and painted it with shimmery Setacolour paints) and some strips of fabric which I stamped yesterday with a carved-by-me rubber stamp.

I'll have to keep you in suspense from here on in - I won't be able to show you this quilt till later this year. But don't all the makings look delicious together?


Connie W said...

I like the drawings, good work. You're captured my interest so I'll have to check back to see what develops.

Lisa Walton said...

You have had a great creative week - well done.

mereth said...

Still envy you the whole art school thing. You seem to have such a definite technique, as if you're sure and confident of what you're doing.
And Brenda would probably prefer a drawing of a stuffed bird than the real thing.... or perhaps not!