Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

What a week it was! I'm still recovering from the excitement. Here's me with my Crossroads quilt (note the blue ribbon!!!). Note also the dopey grin - I still haven't wiped it off my face!
This is the centre of my Bluebird of Happiness quilt. Please excuse the bad photography - the shiny material is a bugger to photograph (never mind the questionable skills of the photographer).

And here we are in front of our prizewinning collaboration. You can see some of Lisa's wonderful work, but this doesn't really show up the quilting very well.

More quilt show highlights to come.


Ali Honey said...

Hearty Congratulations.

It's a lovely grin! Shows you are happy and proud of your work.

Susan said...

Oh, so lovely to see your quilts with ribbons, in situ, so to speak. Congratulations!

mereth said...

I hope you're coming down off your cloud slowly, make the most of your success!It was lovely seeing you in Sydney,it's great to catch up with all of you.