Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Good Day...

I know I've been slack & let the A-Z thing go - apologies for that, but life just did its usual thing & got in the way. So, to get back on the (blogging) horse I thought I should just bite the bullet & skip to today - which happened to be a pretty good day.

We got down & dirty in Sculpture class this morning, attacking our blocks of plaster with chisel & mallet - it was hard work, but fun.

And this afternoon, I finally finished an edition in printmaking that I'm really happy with. I love this screen print (wish I'd done more prints - bugger). And even better, I've now completed all the required components of the course, and can spend the remaining time working on whatever I wish.

I plan to revisit etching, as I was less than thrilled with the imagery I used in that part of the course. And I may even do another screenprint at the same time - printmaking class always has lots of waiting time, so there's scope to work on two projects at once.

More soon (I promise!!!).

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Sar said...

Good to hear from you, sis!