Monday, September 11, 2006

Art Meme

All my frantic work last week has left me with nothing to show you this week (cause I'm exhausted!!). Sooooo, I picked up this tag from Deb for an Art meme and I thought that might be interesting...

Favorite artists: I have so many artists who inspire me, including Escher, Kahlo, O'Keefe, Van Gogh, Monet, Remedios Varo, Rosalie Gascoigne, to name just the first ones that spring to mind. As far as textile artists go there are too many to name them all - check out the work of some of my talented friends Lisa Walton, Jenny Bowker, Alison Muir.

Favorite art styles: Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, some Modern and Abstract works.

Favorite Mediums: Textiles, paint (oil/acrylic/watercolour), charcoal on paper.

If you had the chance to change all the artwork in your home for new, would you?Depends what was on offer - most of the artwork in my home is my own, so I'd be happy to sell some and be able to buy some of other artists work.

Have you ever won a prize or award for your work? Yes

Have you ever sold your art work? Yes

Have you ever given away your art work? Yes

Favorite colors: Lime green combined with blue is my favourite combo at the moment. Hot pink and orange is up there too. Any bright, strong or clear colours are the ones I gravitate to.

Where do you get your inspiration? I am most often inspired by the natural world, and the work of artists cleverer than I.

What are you currently working on? This week is an art free week (must make some $$$ this week, bills to pay).

If you could own one famous work of art, what would it be? One of Frida Kahlo's self portraits. Or one of Georgia O'Keefe's flowers.

Would you want to make your living as an artist, or prefer to keep money out of the creative process? Yep - that's why I'm here (though I'll continue to make it regardless).

What kind of atmosphere do you create best in? On my own in my studio, with my favourite CD blaring and a deadline to work towards.

I'll follow Deb's lead - if you feel the need to pick up the tag on this meme, go for it (I'll be sure to check it out).

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Deb R said...

I'm glad you took the tag, Nic. I enjoyed reading your answers!