Monday, April 02, 2007

A weekend with the In-laws

I've been away for the weekend to Tamworth (north-west NSW) to visit with my husbands family. In particular, we were there to celebrate BIL Aaron 's 21st (he was born on my 17th birthday - how's that for a circumstance to make you feel old?).

It was the first chance in a while to get all the kids together for a photo opportunity. They're all getting to be so grown up. From left to right, you'll see my daughter Emma, my son Adam, neice Cara (17), little neice Ella (2) and nephew/godson Joshua (15).

We also took the opportunity to celebrate Ella's 2nd birthday. That time has gone VERY quick indeed - she lives in QLD so we tend to miss out on a lot.

Family gatherings are so rare these days, with Rob and his brother and sister living so far apart, that we made sure we got a family photo. There was mass techno-action trying to get all the different digital cameras set up on my little tripod with their various time-delay functions, but eventually we got there.

I'm sorta tired today - not used to the 1200km drive in a 36hr period anymore.

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