Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Road Trip Roundup

Well here I am home again from my big trip. Much fun was had and many many laughs with my friends. I took lots of pics, but will post just a few to give you an idea of our journey. This is a shot of the back of the car at the start of our journey - a perfectly reasonable amount of luggage for the three of us who began the trip.

Let me tell you it did not stay like that for long. I think we stopped at almost every antique and secondhand shop we saw on our 800+km journey.

Janine met us in Bendigo, adding her suitcases. Here are the four of us at the SCQ Retreat 10th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday night. And below is a more realistic image - Janine, me and Cheryl on the bed knitting in front of the TV in our jammies. Glamourous, huh?

And this is what the car looked like when loaded for the final leg of our journey. Yes, that is an antique hand-crank sewing machine bottom-right and a genuine egyptian fez (in plastic) top-right.

We came.

We shopped.

We conquered!!!


Vicki W said...

Looks like a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun Nic. Did you get the machine in the antique shop in View Street? I am still lusting after the treadle I saw there - might just have to pop back today to see if it is still there

Susan said...

Just looking at the last picture, I am sure you had a fabulous time. My best friend and I do this at least once a year, and one time I know we could not have fit one more thing in the car, not even a fat quarter of fabric!

I love your jammies picture! Look forward to seeing more pics.

Ali Honey said...

OH great PJs and coloured socks! You are a very good car packer I would say. It's great to have fun with your friends like that...memories to keep and great fun to recall.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love the shot of you and your pals in bed knitting. That's tooooo cute!