Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scatterday A

This week was brought to us by the letter A!

Our first category is Round Things - I ummmed and ahhhhed over this, but Emma just looked at me and said "Apples of course" like her mother was only slightly brighter than an Amoeba (which may well be round, come to think of it - I'm too brain-drained to go searching right now). So here we have a watercolour Apple from my sketchbook.

Next we have Something I Like the Smell Of - Acrylic paints. I love the smell of Acrylics, though Archival oil paints are even better!

And lastly, Vegetables. I'm sure the girl in the fruitmarket thought I was crackers, judging by the strange looks she gave me as I photographed this stack of Artichokes. The things we do!!

Next week we will visit the letter O, and the categories will be Breakfast, Shiny and Little Things. Hmmmm.
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Michelle Watters said...

I didn't see your A things last week. They are great but don't get hooked on smelling the paint. I am so glad you have started the public photography. I get some looks but so far - no one has asked!