Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scatterday H

This Scatterday is brought to you by the letter H and our categories are Human, Soft and Toys.

Here fulfilling my Human category is Helen, who attended my class today. It was the final of the current six-part contemporary techniques series with Illawarra Quilters and we all had a lovely day. It was great to see all the ladies put their own twist on my designs and make them their own.

After class this afternoon I headed over to my sister's house for a sewing evening (glutton for punishment, yes I am). And look who joined me - this is Humphrey and I can assure you that he is very soft (and also a toy).

But of course I thought would be cheating to only have one pic covering the two categories. so I chased Cooper (who was being particularly uncooperative cause he is not well, poor kid) to get a picture of his Hippo which is also a toy. I couldn't quite get him to demonstrate how the Hippo picks up the blocks but you probably get the idea.

Next week the Letter is T and the categories are Clothing, Purple and Hot Things. I hope to resume some sort of more regular blog activity as soon as my Art School assessment this week is out of the way and I get my life back. Wish me luck!!
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Kate said...

Great choices, Nic. I have a hippo for toy too, but not the same one as you. :)

Liz Needle said...

I do love the class quilt your 'H' lady made. Great colours.

Christina said...

well done

Michelle Watters said...

I just found your H pictures. They are great. Thank heavens for Helen the Human turning up just at the right time LOL.