Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scatterday T

Another week has flown by and this one was brought to us by the letter T, with categories of Clothing, Purple and Hot Things.

The first pic is clothing (and definitely NOT hot things ;-))) - this is the top I wore today, my current favourite. You can also see my other fave thing right now, my turquoise pendant (not strictly clothing, but I am wearing it).

Hot things - well of course I had to dig the bottle of Tabasco out of the cupboard, it's your ultimate in hot sauces. I balanced it on the bannister in front of another T thing - my first Touchstone quilt, which happens to be purple.

Which brings us to our last category - purple. Here is one of the more purple blocks of my latest Touchstones quilt.

Next week's letter is M and the categories of Textures, Weapons & Hobby have already got me thinking.


Michelle Watters said...

I love that purple quilt! All good photos. And clever choices. I'm looking forward to seeing your weapon.

rooruu said...

Turquoise pendant - I reckon it's clothing, and can see why it's a favourite. (I chuckle to note that the word verification is vpang, very close to the name of a mutual acquaintance, unlike the usual gibberish).