Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Holidays are here...

At last my busy school year is over and I only have three more workshops to teach before I can have a bit of a break from those too. The end-of-year assessment process was a little bit stressful (but really only as stressful as I chose to make it). I have somewhat high expectations of myself, and will not allow myself to put forward work that is less than the best I can do. Perfectionism reigns. I will not know my results for a few weeks, but at least I am satisfied with my own efforts (my closer friends will have some idea of how significant a thing that is for me to state). Progress has been made this year, on many fronts.

Now that assessment is over, it is time to review, to clear the decks, to decide what to keep and what to cull. More importantly, it is time to clean out the studio (and the rest of the house, where bits and pieces have escaped the confines of the workroom and are at large) and make room for new work.

I spent quite some time on the weekend putting up the best work on my Etsy store - not only will this assist with storage issues, but if some work sells it will supplement next year's fees. Although I am pleased to have a bit of a break, I am very excited about what comes next. The picture above is a linocut "Pretty Beach" which is available for sale if you are interested.

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