Sunday, June 03, 2007

Painting Day Part 2

After a glorious morning's painting, we all sat down in the restaurant for a delicious lunch. The paintings will hang in the restaurant for the next few weeks, and they looked great - such a variety of work.

This was my attempt to capture the view - I'm not much of a landscape painter, but was fairly happy with this for a 2.5 hour painting under pressure.

I like this one better though - it is abstract (obviously) and was inspired by the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees onto the grass. It's not quite finished - I'll post another pic when it's done.

Wow - nothing from me for weeks, then you get inundated!


Anonymous said...

Love the abstract. WOuld love to see it in the flesh so to speak one day.


Nola said...

Love them both but especially the abstract one. Pretty damn good going, especially under pressure like that. Incredible!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your great day and your paintings. That was neat.

Ferret said...

I really like that abstrac,I look forward to seeing it finished.