Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Confessions of an Infrequent Blogger

This is the view from my front porch this morning - usually I have a clear view of the escarpment which you can hardly see here. It's amazing how quickly the novelty of rainy days wears off, even after years of drought. I have to drive to Sydney this afternoon & I'm hoping this weather will clear a little - I hate driving in fog and rain.

I've had a couple of days of enforced non-quilting, and below is the culprit. My Gammill threw a switch on the weekend, and I have been unable to source a replacement locally. My Gammill dealer will have one waiting for me when I see him in Sydney tomorrow. My usual pre-quilt show frenzy has been somewhat curtailed as a result.

I have been enjoying some relaxing knitting in front of the heater these past few cold evenings. I saw this diagonal knitted scarf at a market on Sunday, and figured out how to make one of my own - much fun! I'll be taking my knitting with me to Lisa's to keep me from snoozing in front of the TV after our busy days at the show.

I'm nearly all packed and ready to go. I couldn't have concentrated on work today anyhow - I'm a bit excited since I got a phone call yesterday inviting me to attend the prize ceremony at the quilt show tomorrow morning. Watch this space - I'll be bursting to share my good news as soon as I'm able.

If you're in the vicinity, don't miss the Sydney Quilt Show at Darling Harbour this week. I've heard that the quality of work on display is amazing. And if you're there, be sure to call by and say hello - I'll be working on the Dyed & Gone to Heaven stand (G26) with my friend Lisa.


tracey petersen said...

very exciting to hear that you were invited to the awards ceremony. Good for you, congratulations! looking forward to seeing WHY you were there.

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Yo Nic, I have spare switches here if you ever need them again, I keep both types, as the prem and the classic are different, lucky you could afford the time off...I can only imagine how you felt waiting with anticipation to see what award you attained..hopefully next year they might ring my client and tell me to be at the prize ceremony also..think you where excited enuff for both of us..cheers Nic Congrats..Pat