Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Class for 2007 - Postcards

Today saw the resumption (for me at least) of classes for the new year. The first of these was a fun lesson in making fabric postcards, designed to re-awaken the creativity of participants and get the ideas flowing. Above are some photos of my class samples, which utilise simple design ideas as inspiration.

And here is a shot of what was achieved by today's class - pretty good huh?

Can you pick which ones were made by my daughter Emma (the budding quilt artiste)??


Darlene said...

I find your post cards amazing, but something I could never put through the post :)

Each one is a treasure indeed!


mereth said...

Love your postcards Nic, especially the first one and the fish. He looks Japanese to me for some reason. Perhaps I should take your class, I don't feel at all confident at making things like this off the top of my head.

Susan said...

I love the class samples, and see how you inspired the students to make just fabulous cards of their own. Thanks for sharing the pics.