Thursday, February 08, 2007

This & that from my busy week...

On Sunday morning last, Rob & I rose before dawn and headed to the airport for the breakfast flight to Melbourne. Once we arrived, we found a taxi and headed into the city to the Sofitel, a lovely & luxurious 5 star hotel where we were to stay that night. This is the view from our window... We were picked up at noon and taken to lunch at swish restaurant by David, who is a national manager (I think) with the company who invited us on this jaunt. It was all set up by Rob's employer, who appreciates just how hard Rob works and what an asset he is.

Following our yummy meal, it was off to the MCG to take in a day/night cricket match between Australia and New Zealand. We had an excellent view of the whole proceedings from the corporate box, and were plied with more edibles and drinkables than I care to mention. It my first time at the cricket, and how wonderful it was to do it in such classy style!

We returned to Sydney following a leisurely breakfast on Monday morning, and after collecting the dogs and locating the children, it was all systems go in preparation for a flat-out week.

Tuesday was my first day at TAFE for the year - I'm so happy to be back there attending art classes, I'm grinning from ear to ear. We had Life Drawing in the morning and Colour & Design after lunch - both were just amazingly inspirational. I love the art school environment!

I taught a class on Wednesday, foundation piecing and many of the class were more or less beginners. Whew!! A fun day, but quite taxing - I had no voice by the end!

Today was back at TAFE for Sculpture in the morning and Printmaking in the afternoon. It was my first taste of both of these subjects, and I can tell I'm going to love them both. Pictured are a couple of sketches from the Design class and Printmaking class. I particularly like the little drawing of the stack of stones (mirror reversed in preparation for etching next week).

Tomorrow I'll be hard at work at the quilting machine - must get some work done to support this seemingly extravagant lifestyle!!!


Lisa Walton said...

Your first classes certainly looked more interesting and skilled results than

Deb R said...

I love those drawings!!

BTW, I saw the "six weird things" tag and I haven't forgotten, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. :-)

Susan said...

What a great little holiday, though I'm amazed you haven't been immersed in Cricket all your life. =)

Thanks for sharing the drawings you did. I am the sort of person who looks for something sensible in art, so, while I see the stack of stones and think they are gorgeous by themselves, I also see a Native American owl drawing, or possibly the beginning of a Navajo weaver, from the back. =)