Friday, February 16, 2007

Art School Progress

I have been somewhat remiss in keeping you all up-to-date with my busy doings at art school (and the rest of my life too, I guess). So I thought I'd see if I can do something about bringing you up to speed.

Life drawing class - but not drawing from real life just yet. We started out with some plaster heads, which made the job a little easier as plaster heads don't keep moving while you sketch. I've named the guy on the right Elvis the Centaur - his hairdo would do any rockstar proud ;-))

In Design class we worked on these abstracted line designs, blocking out shapes in black and white on one set and adding tone and texture to the other.

Sculpture class is lots of fun, although I don't know how successful I will be at it. I love getting my hands dirty playing with the clay, and I guess these little models aren't too awful.

I'm having so much fun!!!


Vicki W said...

It looks like a blast and you are very good too!

koolkatquilting said...

This Art stuff is great! You have a talent for drawing and it is reflected in your quilting. Do you like doing visual diaries also? I love making these and looking at ones done by others.