Monday, January 08, 2007

Georgia on my mind

Just look at this gorgeous girl - she reminds me so much of Emma when she was born, I'm taken straight back eleven years ago when she was born and I fell in love.
When my son was born, all I wanted was to be a mother. I was happy and grateful for the little bundle of joy that was my son, but the hard labour had left me so exhausted that I maybe missed out a little on those first few days of pleasure following his arrival.
When Emma came along, the circumstances were such that I was in a far better place to enjoy the experience. I had a far easier, drug free labour and knew a bit more about what to expect. Throughout my second pregnancy I had yearned for a daughter, and was ecstatic to be told by the ultrasound technician that I was indeed carrying a girl.
When I finally got to hold my little girl in my arms, I fell head over heels in love. I still recall the rush of emotion as I examined her perfect tiny features. I am still amazed at how wonderful she is, how beautiful and smart and perfect.
Both of my children have been a constant source of joy throughout their lives, with enough tears thrown into the mix for me to fully appreciate the wonder of their existence. I have been following the painful journey of another mother and her son on Darlene's blog. I have been adding my voice to the many who have been praying for this family - it has also been a time of giving thanks for the health and safety of my own children, and that of my neices and nephews. Hug your kids every chance you get - you never know what is just around the corner.

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Erica said...

Georgia looks like a real cutie and you sound like a besotted auntie! Congratulations to Sarah.