Monday, August 20, 2007

H is for...

H is for HURRAY!!! Great news this morning from the UK - this quilt, which I did earlier this year for my friend and client Gay, won 2nd prize in its category at the Birmingham Quilt Festival plus 2nd prize in the longarm quilting category. It is very exciting to win prizes at such a prestigious quilt show.

H is for Hockey - everyone in my family but me plays field hockey. Pictured below (sorry about the blurry shot - she wouldn't stay still) is Emma suited up in her goalie gear, ready to play. Her team qualified for the semi-finals on Saturday - everybody wish her luck, won't you?


Sar said...

Congrats on the prize, sis! Gay must love you...not the first time your quilting has helped her win a prize, eh?! :)


mereth said...

Good on ya, Nic!Hurrah indeed.
How can that be Emma under all that? I'm afraid of hockey, when we were at school all the 'tough' girls played, and I can remember some serious barneys, with resulting injuries on the field.They scared the hell out of me normally, but give them a stick and a license to use it....Shudder!!!