Monday, August 06, 2007

B is for...

B is for Bridges - this is the Bridges side of the family, otherwise known as the in-laws (or outlaws). I've been married so long that I can't imagine being anyone other than a Bridges. When did my maiden name start to sound so strange to me? Nic Bridges is the only name that fits anymore. I sort of like the idea of a bridge as a connecting structure - there are artistic concepts there that I will one day explore.

B is for Bonnie - my old faithful poodle. She is nearly 12 years old now, getting a bit crotchetty in her old age. But still a good dog through and through.

B is for Buddha - I'm not a Buddhist (nor anything else really), but I find the imagery (and many of the philosophies) of eastern faiths so appealing. This is a photo I took at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple when we visited for the Chinese New Year Celebrations earlier this year.

B is also for Busy - as anyone who has visited this blog before knows, Busy is my middle name.

B is for Balance too - something I'm constantly seeking in my life, but beginning to suspect will continue to be elusive.

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