Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why am I here (and other trivialities)...

I've been thinking about this blogging caper, and why I decided to do it, and also why I hesitated for quite a while before jumping in. Here's some of what I came up with...

The idea of journalling holds such an appeal for me - I love to read biographies, autobiographies and have done for years... they hold a glimpse into another persons life, other people's lives are SOOOOOO much more interesting than mine!! Blogs are simply an updated, more immediate version of the same thing. And I LOVE to check out my friend's blogs. As well as the blogs of people I have never met (and probably will never meet), but still think of as friends.

So, I thought, if those interesting people are willing to share their interesting lives with me then perhaps I should reciprocate (although I'm nowhere near as interesting as any of them) - it only seems fair, and I do see some nice stuff on occasion.

Here's the trouble - I've been programmed to be modest, self-effacing and say "Aw, shucks, 'tweren't nuthin" whenever a compliment is offered. I find praise a particularly uncomfortable thing to accept, and have been known to blush and squirm considerably when compliments are forthcoming. And I'm so boring - surely nobody could be interested in my mundane life? Surely, if I had a blog and offered up tidbits of my life for public consumption, any viewer so unfortunate as to stumble on my blog would think me boastful, full of myself, an unbearable show-off.

But I don't think any of those things about the people whose blogs I look at on a daily basis. I just admire their work and am grateful that they decided to share. So maybe nobody would think badly of me if I share my stuff - I know I have to get over this problem I have with accepting positive opinions of what I do. So here I am!!

The picture I have posted is of my most recent traditional quilt - I don't make many of them these days, but my friend Cheryl asked me to design something for the Luminosity range of fabric she had just got in to her new shop and this is what I came up with. I've also taught it as a class, and will have another one coming up later in the year.

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Helen Suzanne said...

funny old thing that nervousness about being seen to be "forward" about oneself - been cursed with it for years and it stopped me being my best. I've tried to just get on an share it anyways and I'm sure you will be greated with the enthusiasm that I have been. Well done on taking brave steps