Monday, April 10, 2006

Exhibition Postmortem

This is Daisy - she welcomes visitors to the Old Fire Station Community Arts Centre, Kiama, has her picture taken several times a day and has been 'milked' by countless delighted children while Mum & Dad look at the art in the gallery.

d As you come closer, you are able to view the display of artwork inside. This was our second exhibition in this space. Moderately successful, though I would have liked to sell more (of course).

I have put up some pictures of my recent work, which I framed for inclusion in this exhibit. I've called them Abstractions #1 through to #5 (catchy titles, eh?) for want of a better name.

This series is an exploration of layers of colour and texture, heavily stitched and embellished with paint and beads in some cases.I am happy to say that #3 and #5 are now sold!!!  Posted by Picasa

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Jenny said...

Hi Nic,

If number four is the big circles one how much is it? Love it - and have been doing some similar things believe it or not.