Thursday, August 28, 2008


Self Portrait, acrylic polymer paint on pattern board

I am captivated by portraiture lately, and self-portraits in particular are floating my boat right now.  It is a really fascinating process of analysis and introspection, and can provide amazing insight for the artist & the viewer alike as we tussle with the difference between what we see, what we want to see and what's going on behind the eyes.  

What do you think of this one I painted today?  I'll be interested to hear from those who know me (in real life) whether they think it's a decent likeness - the perception of others can be so different from how we see ourselves. 


Janine Matthews said...

I like it -
it's a definate likeness,
I think I need to see it in real life to experience it's richness, I think bigger will be even better

well done

Anonymous said...

I like it but I don't think it captures you. Maybe it is you in a different mood from what I am used to.


RHONDA said...

There's a likeness, but I agree with Brenda. It's not quite the Nic that I know. (Says me, who couldn't get anywhere near this close to painting a portrait!! Sigh...)

Bluejanem said...

It's you Nic but your eyes have more life and laughter in them in real life - this portrait gives the feeling of someone looking inwards contemplating their lot! Well done though - love the colours you used.
Jane M