Monday, December 03, 2007

Scatterday M

Apologies for this late Scatterday blog entry - I was stuck on one of the categories, Textures. I had lots of work to do so I just kept on with it in the hope that inspiration would come to me, and then looked down at my work and thought AHA!! McTavishing is one of my favourite quilted textures - I use it more often with matching thread which takes away the linear quality and leaves just lovely texture. But you can all see it much better in the funky bright thread!

Next we have Weapons. The Space Marine you see below is brandishing a Multi Melta Weapon - looks pretty fearsome, doesn't he? For those of you not familiar, a Melta weapon is a devastating short-ranged heat-ray.

Which brings us to the final M category - Hobby. Here I present my son Adam's hobby - Modelling. Over recent months he has spent many hours and I hate to think how much money building and painting these tiny figurines and their tanks, spaceships, and various other equipment. He spends some time most weekends at the games workshop, where they have battles and competitions to see whose army will be victorious. There are lots of rulebooks to go with the various games too. I don't really get it, but there are lots of worse things a 15yo could be spending his hard-earned cash on, so I'm happily supportive (being somewhat familiar with obsessive hobbies myself).

Next week's letter is K and the categories will be blue things, dangerous things and in my neighbourhood.
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Pennie & David said...

Ooohhhh I do like the look of that McTavishing, just lovely! It's mine, it's mine... it's MY Naughty Jane quilt!!

Dy said...

Oooo, that McTavishing texture is glorious. And that is one seriously impressive weapon!

Michelle Watters said...

That quilting is great. Pennie is only lucky possum. And aren't the kids handy with this scatterday stuff? I must ask Jed if he has anything dangerous starting with K? Bound to!

Jeri said...

fabulous texture with your quilting! I love mcT and need to practice. you're an inspiration.

rooruu said...

McTavishing is an inspired choice for Texture!

Fran said...

Re son, worry about when they start dressing up. We went through D&D phase, came out OK,