Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting some Christmas Spirit...

Intermittent blogger here, sorry for being tardy once again but life has been a teensy bit insane so some things just have to slide. I thought I'd post this Christmassy meme (thanks to Deb) to try and get some festiveness happening...

1. In your opinion, what does Christmas smell like?
Honey-glazed ham baking on Christmas eve, cinnamon and spice - Mum's here baking Christmas cakes and puddings today - yum!!

2. Do you leave cookies out for Santa?
Yes, we usually do leave out a snack for Santa, sometimes a beer and always a carrot for the Reindeer.

3. What Christmas song would you prefer to never hear again?
"Felice Navidad" - it is the worst earworm ever. Just typing the name has the awful thing going round and round in my head. My favourite is probably Bruce Springsteen's version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

4. What does your tree topper look like?
Our family favourite is a little Garfield wearing a Santa hat - I've had it since the first Christmas after I left home. I also have a little tabletop tree in the family room which has a funky orange & lime green star on top.

5. Do you plan a special breakfast for Christmas morning?
We'll be having brunch with Rob's family this year - I'm baking raspberry friands (my specialty & sooooo quick & easy).

6. Is a Bûche de Noël a great holiday dessert, or the greatest holiday dessert?
According to wikipedia, this translates to Yule Log - sounds nice, but not something I've ever made.

7. Do you festoon your Christmas packages with ribbons and bows and glittery furbelows, are they plain, or are they (shudder) in gift bags?
Mostly just wrapped with Christmas paper - I used to get really fancy with bows etc, but there are too many these days.

Pictured above is one of my Christmas Postcard Samples - I'll try to post some of the others over the next few days (but I won't make any promises). Five more sleeps...


Deb R said...

That postcard is gorgeous, Nic!

I'm glad you did the meme. It was fun to read your answers. I think your funky tree topper star sounds very cool. :-)

Also, I feel even more lazy now for not looking up the yule log thing! Now that you did, I agree with you...probably tasty, but not anything I would make.

Susan said...

I really like that postcard - nicely simple but elegant looking. Thanks for the Christmas meme.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

My goodness that postcard is ADORABLE! Thank you so much for sharing it on your blog. It made me smile...and that is hard to do because I am exhausted after Christmas.
Keep up the good work, I sure enjoyed it.
Mary Lou