Saturday, December 02, 2006


This is my sample for today's contemporary techniques class. The class is entitled Glitz, and demonstrates several ways to add shimmer and glitz to your quilts. I provided kits which included fun stuff like foil, angelina, organza and lame.

We had a fun day, the last for the year with this group. I have really enjoyed working with these girls and watching their confidence grow with their skills.

Look at what Cheryl did! She thought her chosen fabrics were more watery than leafy, so she went ahead and changed the images to suit, adding seaweed and bubbles.

I can't tell you what a thrill it was for me to see her run with her own creativity. This is what these classes are all about! WOOOHHOOOOOO!! Posted by Picasa


Darcie said...

What a high it is when a student *takes off!* I'm certain you're a very inspirational teacher, Nic. Both quilted pieces are gorgeous!

Karen said...

Your work is really wonderful. I came here via the quilt you made(Ginko Blues) that is on inspirations blog and I wanted to see more!

Susan said...

And people wonder why teachers do the job! Yours is terrific, and so is Cheryl's. Is the class going on next year?

Ali Honey said...

They are both really great works of art. Congratulations teacher!