Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Festival of Em is over for another year!

Firstly friends, I apologise most sincerely for my infrequent blogging over recent weeks. Things have been rather frantic in my little corner of the world, what with one thing and another, and I'm just coming up for air.

Last week/weekend we celebrated the annual Festival of Em (also know as my darling daughter Emma's 11th Birthday). We had lots of good times, including a lovely family BBQ with my parents, brother & sister and their families; a sleepover with her friend Katie, making and decorating cupcakes; and culminating in a trip to Jamberoo Action Park with her girlfriends (and us) for a day of swimming, watersliding fun.

Our family has a tradition of not beginning Christmas until after the completion of the Festival of Em - certain traditions must be strictly upheld when birthdays fall in December, so that she doesn't feel that the two occasions are blended & she's missing out.

So we have now put the Christmas tree up and decorated the house, and we are officially getting into the festive spirit. There are 12 days until Christmas, so I thought I'd make a special effort to blog every day and share some of the fun things that will be happening from now until the big day. Stay tuned!!! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I love the picture, and how special it must make your daughter feel to have this big celebration. Good on you for not doing Christmas before she gets to celebrate her birthday!

Jeri said...

The Festival of Em is such a very cool idea! Being a Christmas baby (12/28)I can appreciate that. My husband's family did something similar; one brother's birthday is 12/13 and they didn't do the tree or anything until he had his birthday. Sweet! (by the way, I love your blog)