Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Girls Night Out

This is my friend Janine and I, captured last night at the Chris Isaak concert. Please note that all double chins are entirely due to the camera angle. We had a fun night!!
Here is the man himself in action. It was an excellent show - we sang along and laughed the whole time at his clowning around with the band.
Get a load of this suit - entirely covered with mirrors. It was very hard to get a good picture - most of them show only a glowing bright light in the centre of the stage.
And here he is after the show, autographing my t-shirt!! Can you believe this man is over 50? He's very gorgeous (sigh). Posted by Picasa


Susan said...

What an exciting evening the two of you had! That suit he is wearing is something else!

Ali Honey said...

Maybe he was trying to be a mirror image of himself. Glad you 2 had a fun time .

Darcie said...

*Sigh* indeed, Nic! What a fun night to share with a good friend!