Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Studio Tour

I've been looking at some pics of other people's studios on various blogs, and always find it fascinating to see the different working environments. As I've just spent a couple of days having a major cleanout of my workroom, I thought I should take advantage of the momentary cleanliness to show you all where I work. The first pic is the view as you walk down the stairs into the studio (we live on a steep block that slopes down away from the road, and my studio is on the bottom level below the rest of the house). Directly in front is my design wall, along with the hanging rail on which I display client's quilts when they come to collect them (with a quilt in position).
Moving clockwise around the room, you can see my wall of shelves which houses a ton of junk, along with my stash in tubs, TV and music equipment and a small portion of my book collection. It looks pretty disorganised, but this is actually a vast improvement on how it looked a few days ago.

Continuing around to the right, you'll see (you can hardly miss) my Gamill Class Plus Longarm Quilting machine. As you can see it takes up quite a bit of space. I store batting on the rail underneath as well as a some tubs containing client quilts awaiting their turn. You can also get a glimpse of the leafy view outside my windows, and the blank wall between them where my new air-conditioning unit will be installed some time in the next couple of weeks.

This pic shows the actual machine head sitting at the end of it's table. Above that, you can see some of the new shelves which Rob put up for me on Monday, giving me much more space to store my stuff (I love having him at home on holidays - so much gets done!!).

Looks like blogger hasn't uploaded all the pics, so I'll have to do this in two seperate posts - to be continued.... Posted by Picasa

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Susan said...

How interesting to see your work space. Yes, the longarm does take a lot of space, but it's essential, so, other than expanding the house, what can you do? I enjoyed both parts of the post and seeing all the ways you organize things.