Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Studio Tour - Part 2

Okay, sorry for the interruption - let's continue around the room in a clockwise direction. Next you'll see my cutting bench, which sits atop two stacks of wire baskets (which are full of various equipment and some of my unquilted tops, awaiting time or inspiration to be finished). I plan to put up another corkboard on the wall behind the bench - I love to pin stuff up! Also visible is more of the wonderful new shelves - you can see that I had no trouble filling them up.

This corner is where you'll find my trust sewing machine - you can see the quilt that I've been working on, awaiting my attention. This quilt has a deadline which is rapidly approaching, so I've been working in the evenings for as many hours as my eyes are able, to try and get the applique work done.

Next to my sewing corner is my old desk which holds most of my art supplies and general junk. The fact that you are able to see any of the table top is unusual - I tend to pile up crap on any available flat surface until lives are threatened by the risk of an avalanche of debris.

I don't usually have long-stemmed red roses on my desk. I wandered out into my garden in search of inspiration for an upcoming exhibition, and these buds were so perfect I had to bring them in.

That brings us back to the stairs. Hope you enjoyed the tour!! Posted by Picasa


mereth said...

Great working area, Nic. It must be nice to have a view of leaves and trees from those big doors. And the air conditiner is an absolute neccessity, it was a blasted scorching day here and made me think of the summer with dread.Ugh.

I too am a stacker and a spreader but I know where to find everything, so it doesn't hamper me.

Brenda said...

Thanks for a peek!

kirsty said...

Man, I could move straight in! Right now I'm sewing on the dining table :)

koolkatquilting said...

Thanks for the tour and all the gorgeous photos Nic - so gald to hear your lovely puppy is on the mend! Enjoyed reading your meme too. I'd like to do a tour, too, of my room but will have to clean up first!