Friday, June 09, 2006


At last, my entry for the Sydney Quilt Show is done. After weeks (okay, maybe months) of procrastinating, it's done, quilted, embellished, sleeve & label attached even. Just in time for drop-off day on Sunday.

I've been working frantically all week to get as much done as possible before I head off for five days next week. I managed to finish several outstanding jobs, so I'm not feeling tooooo guilty about going away.

I even put a lasagne in the freezer for the troops while I'm gone. Rob & I are farming out the kids and running away for the weekend tomorrow. I have to be in Sydney very early Sunday morning to drop the quilts in for judging, then we have a friends birthday celebrations later in the day. We never do this, so I'm a bit excited - an evening in the city and a lovely hotel, woohoo!!!! Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

That's a gorgeous quilt! Some of those leaves - the coppery-colored ones, have an almost metallic looking sheen. I really like the design.

Anonymous said...

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