Monday, June 12, 2006

Eclipse I

This is the little piece that I framed and gave my friend Lisa for her birthday yesterday. It is a satin base fabric with painted Lutradur applique, plus lots of quilting with variegated thread. I think I'll be investigating this theme further, so I'm calling it the first in a new series.

Rob & I had a lovely weekend in Sydney, though it was raining and particularly cold yesterday. Checked out the Sydney Beinnale at the gallery yesterday morning, some very interesting contemporary art including some textile related works. Check it out at this site

One exhibit I was particularly inspired by was that of Kevin Connor's sketchbooks. It was amazing to see such a body of work, pen & ink drawing of anything and everything, obviously done daily and recording details of the artist's life and things that he saw. It inspired me - I must make myself draw more. I kill my drawing habit with unnecessary perfectionism - it need not be perfect, I just need to do it. Here's the link

I'm off again tomorrow to the Sydney quilt show - maybe we'll catch up there!


PaMdora said...

Hey, I like that quilting pattern on the green background! What a nice bday present. On the other note, I love any opportunity to see another artist's sketchbooks. So often we see the finished work, but rarely the moment of inspiration.

Deb R said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! Love the colors and the stitching.

When you say little piece, how little? (Just curious. It's always difficult to judge scale in online photos unless there are other objects in the photo)

Nic Bridges said...

Aren't sketchbooks fascinating - I sometimes like them better than the finished art. By little, I mean 5" x 5" - it's very tiny, but I plan to work with the theme on a larger scale next. Thanks for your nice compliments!!!

Anonymous said...

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