Monday, July 21, 2008

Making Connections

"Nexus" Quilt Triptych 76 x 138cm

I've just finished this piece for the Meroogal Women's Art Prize - my artist's statement is copied below.

My response to the theme "Celebrating the everyday things women do" takes three parts - Nurture, Nourish and Nest.  Every day, we nurture our children and encourage their development; we nourish their bodies and minds; we build a nest, a warm, safe haven from the perils of the world at large.  In doing so, we form a nexus - a series of connections which bind our families to us.  These connections extend to the women who surround us - our sisters, mothers and friends - who make up networks of love and support, who give us strength.


Ali Honey said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful.

gilda said...

oh my gosh. i don't know much about quilts but that looks like hard work and a lot of patience. it's gorgeous!!