Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Drawings

But with colour this time. Last week we had the daunting task of drawing this large and very colourful bunch of flowers, adding coloured media (coloured pencils, pastels, watercolours). This is my effort - very traditional looking in watercolours, but I do enjoy using them.

I thought I'd have a go with oil pastels over the weekend - these pears made a delicious subject. I'm fairly happy with this one too, although I couldn't find my paper stump so my blending is less than wonderful.

For those who were interested in the technique I used on the piece in my previous post - I began with white PFD cotton and painted the entire image, then added the quilting after the paint was dry & heat set.


Anonymous said...

Nic their beautiful.


Nola said...

Beautiful work, Nic. The watercolours are so delicate and the pastels so strong and tactile.