Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two Faces Have I....

Or maybe a split personality. These are two things I worked on today. The first is (obviously) a client quilt and extremely traditional. I think (hope) I did it justice with the feathers I designed to work around the octagonal shape. I do enjoy the challenge of these highly traditional jobs, even though I haven't made a traditional quilt myself for quite some time now.

The second photo is from my alter ego - working on my artistic development. I have been working on a group project with some friends (ArtDivas) involving making a page for each other for a textile art book. Each person has chosen a theme that we all have to respond to. The theme for this one is "Journey" and I have been stuck on it for a while. This is my third attempt and I still don't know whether I've got it. Maybe it needs something else? Posted by Picasa


Susan said...

Sometimes it's good to just stop and say, "It's finished." I don't know the group or the challenge of the piece, but I think it looks very innovative and it looks like a journey to me. Your journey of quilt discovery!

I love the feathers on the top quilt. I'd be happy with it if it were mine.

Anonymous said...

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